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Top 10 Ways To Use A Spokesperson On Your Website.

Video SpokesModels or VSM?s are those little people you may have seen pop up on websites. A VSM is typically a professional actor, model, television personality or the website owner.

These are the 10 most popular ways to use a VSM as described by industry leader

1. Demonstrate a Product or Service – Think infomercial. Would they be as effective with just text and graphics?

2. Site Guide – Tell people where to click and why. Many website owners and affiliate marketers use video spokesmodel on landing pages to direct visitors to a specific link or to gain opt-in email addresses for newsletter subscriptions.

3. Digital Salesperson – Engage your visitors and turn more of them into customers. Studies have shown dramatic increases in conversion rates when a live video spokesperson is added to the site.

4. Click to Play – Don?t want your VSM to appear automatically? Choose the ?Click to Play? option and keep them quiet until your visitors request their assistance.

5. ?In the Box? – Most video spokesmodels appear borderless but you can use a Video SpokesModel to promote your product or service ?In the Box? and improve SEO at the same time when you upload your video to YouTube and all the most popular video sharing sites.

6. ?How To? Video – Have a spokesperson walk potential clients step by step through the process – ?In box or out?.

7. Attention Grab – Ride a Unicycle across the screen with a sign! A person runs into a banner ad and falls down. Use props and have one person throw something from one banner to the other. You get the idea – any zany antic can help people to stay on the page, create buzz and give your site some much needed personality.

8. Celebrity Promo – Tiger, Lebron, Owen Wilson and many, many other celebrities have appeared as spokespeople on websites to promote their movies, limited time contests, television shows and products. You can do the same thing with national and local celebrities. FYI – Contact and we negotiate with the stars and give you a price quote.
9. VSM Plus – Add graphics and audio to your borderless video. Anything is possible with green screen.

10. Social Media and Television- Use your VSM on your website, social media sites and a traditional television commercial. is a leader in web spokesperson technology and SEO video production. VSM has one of the largest talent pools in the industry and relationships with studios and videographers across the country who film clients in HD, in front of a green screen.

Clients receive one simple line of code to insert on their site and the entire process typically takes 2-3 days.

Studios, videographers and actors can contact VSM to inquire about partnership opportunities.

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