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Including Psychology In Your Online Sales Videos.

Tutoring videos can target either students needing help, if they are old enough to go on line and seek it, or parents of children needing help, if the kids are younger. The eLocal tutoring mini website video clearly targets the second population.

The eLocal genre of web video is designed for small entrepreneurs who cannot afford a customized web video. The short videos are usually around 20 seconds in length, and they are made general enough that they can be used by anyone who works in the profession for which the video was made. One question worth pursuing is what has eLocal put in such a short general video that might be successful in winning clients for tutors.Based on the visual content of this video, it appears that eLocal has decided to present several attractions.

The scene depicted in the video is ideal and presents successful tutoring at its best. The tutor is sitting at a table with a boy and girl. He turns to the right and tutors the girl. He says just the right thing, she puts her head down and begins to write. He turns to the left and says something to the boy, he solves the boy’s problem and he puts his head down and begins to write.

It is reasonable to assume that an ideal solution to a dilemma is likely to attract people looking for solutions. Other components of the video that are likely to attract clients include the following:

1) The scene depicted is family oriented with a single tutor tutoring a brother and sister in a home environment. This will be attractive to families.

2)The video is non-critical of parents who don’t have time to tutor their children, as the singer, herself, in the guitar vocal background sings “I ain’t got no time for it.” This will put parents at ease.

3) The video presents an affable, clean cut male tutor, the kind of person you want tutoring your children. This is an important plus for parents looking for the right person to tutor their child.

4) The video caption suggests that kids need a bit of help and the tutoring will help them to get it right. The caption text reads. “Sometimes they need a little extra help” “Before they get it right” This message addresses parents who fear that the bit of tutoring they want for their child might stretch out into an extended expensive process, which they don’t want.

In summary the video is short and sweet. It targets young parents and presents tutoring as a short simple process that will put the kids on the right track. Parents who need to seek tutoring for their children are not to blame for not having time.

The take home lesson from the video, don’t fail to consider the psychology of the sales process when compiling your website advertising video. The more sales psychology angles you consider and address, the more likely your sales video will be successful.

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