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A Branding Corporate Video With A Prominent Musical Background.

4Ward is a Canadian company specializing in branding, web video production and photography. Their 2008 corporate video is posted on the web. Their corporate video is striking in that they have chosen as background music, the popular song “Here it Goes Again,” by OK.

The song is an exciting song, which won real prominence because of the incredible viral video made to the tune of that song. The video features the band members performing an incredible walk dance on a series of treadmills in a gymnasium. The treadmills are lined up in two rows and set to run in alternating directions. As the band members walk/dance from treadmill to treadmill, to the tune of the music, they create some incredible visual effects. The visual effects illustrate the theme of the song as well. In the song, the protagonist is always getting in the groove and in the mood, with a girl, apparently, when something outside of his control occurs. Treadmills, like life, never stop moving and make it impossible to merely stand still. In that regard they illustrate the theme of the song that something always seems to happens when life is going along great.

The choice of Here it Goes Again, as background music for their corporate video apparently reflects the company’s esprit de corp. Video production is very faced paced. Project follows project, and if for a minute members of the production tem believe everything is under control, the phone will ring and another project comes along.The pace never stops and people working in videography on online marketing are constantly busy, but constantly loving it.

Both of these themes are expressed by the video song selection. While the song laments the fact that
something always goes out of control, just when things are going great, the song response is an dutiful and upbeat accpetance, “Oh well, here we go again.”

If asked to place the visual display of the video on a scale ranging from storyline, to illustrative of the musical beat, I would put it close to the second end of the scale. The images appear in a collage style and are more suggestive of activities the company is involved in then specific temporal portrayals of actual activities.The work held together stylistically and is loosely held together by occasional captions. The captions tell us the company has 40 branches throughout Canada.

If the videographers gave thought to audience they are trying to target, I would assume they targeted people like their successful clients and especially clients with whom they have a good ongoing relationship, people like themselves, people who are comfortable in a rapid environment of computers, videos, photography, design and online advertising. As a corporate video the work shows off the ability of the company to create motion graphics. The captions note that the company makes flash, 3D animation, print design, package design and web design.

Eveyone will be able to relate to the background song of this video, and people who work in a related industry will be able to relate with the imagery Much of the material presents products of desktop publishing, including photographs, text designs and online arragnements. Other segments present clips of videos made for important clients such as Yamaha.

As a viewer, if asked how the company could better the production of their corporate video for future years, I would suggest using a song that is slightly less domineering. It is a tune that is so popular on You Tube, that anyone hearing it immediately wants to see the viral video that goes with it. The meaning of the song appears to express the pace of life of the industry, and that is captivating and amusing. On the other hand, I would want the video to focus a bit more on the storyline itself. I would want to see a bit more coherence and correspondence between the images and the script. However, it is worthy of note that the video has been popular, as corporate videos on You Tube go, with over 25,000 views. And that’s a lot more views than many very coherent looking corporate branding videos get.

One must concede that this video has presented a successful branding image of the company, based on the song and the content of the video collage. This helps to defend the company’s assertion that they are specialists in branding.These are people who know how to live and breathe in the fast paced Internet video and web marketing environment. And in the computer world, we tend to trust faced paced people. People who can make it have fun from 4 until 10, as the song describes, and then shrug off a sudden unexpected event, which ends the good time, and then go with the flow, are the kind of people we know we can trust with a marketing project.

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