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Showing prices on web pages – a good idea?

First of all, let me say as a consumer I expect prices to be shown clearly on page. I think I have never bought anything from an hidden price service provider, and I’m not the only one.

Having said this, sometimes it’s wiser NOT to display prices. If your product or service is an high dollar one, it’s unlikely your prospects can perceive its value at a glance, and their price expectations are often lower than the price you are going to display.

This leads to scared prospects leaving your page rather than spending time educating themselves on the high value of your product of service. Being straightforward is a good thing, running too fast is not.

Would you marry me?

Last month I said this -for the first time in my life- to the woman I live with since four years. I wasn’t prepared to the emotional weight such a simple phrase carried upon both of us -something I did not experience since when I was 16, probably.

Now, if you try to sell hard and fast, showing your prospects the price and a bullet list of benefits… well, the chances your prospect will “marry” your product are next to none. You have to get to their mind, as well as their heart, before you can propose yourself with a buy now button.

So, in some categories a ballpark estimate, or a prices starting at…, is going to be more successful than displaying the fixed price upfront because it forces prospects to evaluate your product benefits before requesting more informations -and the price. This means they are in a evaluating mood about your products or service rather than in an explorative mood. Of course all this depends on what you sell, and to whom.

BTW, she said yes. Yuppieee!

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