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Why Businessmen Choose Investment?

There is a weight of methods to create the capital ? to win it in a casino or a lottery, to find a treasure, to receive the good inheritance, to make discovery and regularly to draw interest from the patent, to write the book and to provide itself with stable royalties. I don’t know, which way will approach you but if to take the most classical and universal model, that is four basic ways of income acquisition on which there is a most part of the population of the whole world.

Work (hired employees) is the most traditional method of income acquisition. We work on other people for what we get from its wages, thus, as you understand, the considerable part earned remains at the employer. The most important minus here is that, as a rule, work for many is a unique source of the income. Present that you suddenly for any reasons lost your work, especially if thus on you the heavy burden in the form of payments under the credit hangs. This moment considerably complicates an exit from “rat race” ? having tired out yourself in ?a gold cage? from credits, it is necessary to run very quickly to provide payments. So quickly, what frequently, at all there is no time to stop and think ? and what for and where I run?

Individual enterprise that is for example, the doctors who are engaged in private practice, lawyers, the private teachers, independent advisers etc. At this level the person is in more favorable position than at level of “work” because the person works for itself and can independently determine the conduct of life. Besides, here they don?t share with anybody the earned money ? all we leave to ourselves, minus taxes, certainly.

Business ? here we use the lever in the form of work of other people. The organization of process of their work brings in the income ? already a part of that our employees earn.

Investment is that way where on us our assets work. Money, shares, real estate starts to bring in the income. And that is very important, this method allows releasing from one of the most valuable resources of our life and this is time. Here we work not for the sake of money, and we force money to work on us, and continuously, irrespective of that where and how we are engaged in it. Our capital increases and grows, but unlike simple accumulating we do it much faster. Let us assume that we would like to collect half a million dollars. If you want to collect such sum, postponing, for example, 100 dollars a month, it is required to us ? correctly a lot of time. In a year we will collect the sum of 1200 dollars, for ten years will accumulate 12 thousand, for a century ? 120 ? And what if not simply to put this money, and to force them to work for us?

The days when governments have been flooding people with all types of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not imply that you must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with smart approach; small business grants including.

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