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Where To Invest Money? The Known Venture Capitalist Answers

Venture capitalist Alan Patricof tells about investments into high technologies and market falling. Besides, he gives some perspective industries for investments into the next years.

Alan Patricof was the venture capitalist still when this word was not born. In 1969 he has established the company Alan Patricof Associates which later began to be called Apax Partners, and today it is one of the largest private investment companies, invested in due time money in AOL, Apple and Office Depot. Today, Patricof manages Greycroft Partners, the company engaged in investments in new media and a number of the firms specializing on a wireless communication. He has kindly answered some questions concerning how to behave to the investor during so restless time.

If you had additional 100 thousand dollars where you would invest them?

I, of course, wouldn’t put all instantly. I would do it carefully, on a gradual basis. Though all it, of course, depends on age and from the capital. If you got only 100 thousand dollars place 40 % in the share (including in the foreign companies), 25 percent in convertible and not convertible debt papers, and 25 percent on 15-year-old federal C.D. With 6 percentage return.

What types of investments the investor should avoid?

Avoid investments in airline which have massive problems with labor power cost. Also avoid any investments which you don’t understand.

How the venture investor, answer, you continue to put up money during crisis?

Yes, we continue to invest. Now business is in much more acceptable situation, than during a 2001. Now in the technological companies and much more skilled managers work for investors much more real expectations. Nobody puts up money, without knowing how to enlarge them after.

The businessman with a good command and the business plan can attract the foreign capital without effort.

Where to put up money? The known venture capitalist answers

How private investments are performed?

To invest the capital you should find corresponding venture capital trust. Thus it is necessary to be very competent investor to go on it. Usual investments into funds constitute from 1 million dollars. During the same time it is possible to join group of business angels and then you will be much closer to the company in which invest. In the USA there are now about 100 groups of business angels, and in the world there are approximately 300 of them. You can be involved extremely strongly in managerial process by the company in this case.

If your grandsons decide to put up money, being guided by long-term prospect, what would you tell about it?

Alternative energy will grow in the near future. The Internet becomes a primary information source, besides it is necessary to look at the companies which are engaged in the software concept, as services. Mobile phones are also interesting possibility. They will be ubiquitous, and can deliver services which concern each aspect of our life: video, information services, GPS-navigation, music. Thus, I would advise to put up money in something connected with mobile entertainments more likely.

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