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Where It Is Better To Invest Your Money? Part 2

Investment in apartment purchasing:

Lack of the given kind of investment is, first, is in that it is necessary to be engaged personally in real estate management as to hire the professional managing director is unprofitable. That is, it is necessary to search for tenants, to do running repair in apartment, to buy and renew furniture, to the sanitary technician, to collect rent payments, etc. There is anything especially difficult in it certainly, but nevertheless.

One more lack is continuation of advantages. At the given kind of investment it is inconvenient to put up the big money. Normally, if you purchase one, two or three apartments, however, if it is a question of great sums such investment begins to take away too much time. Investment subspecies in purchasing of apartments is purchasing of apartment by means of a bank loan. Plus of the given kind is that it demands much less initial means and at the correct approach gives much more investment return. However, such investment demands from the investor greater qualification. The choice of apartment, a bank loan, a reserve, etc. demands greater accuracy and experience, besides, the given kind of investment is more risky, at all doesn’t approach those who doesn’t love credits.

2. Investment of money funds in purchasing of real estate under construction, on the building beginning, sale in some years at a stage of the termination of building. One of the greatest pluses of the given investment of money is that it is most simple of all kinds of investment in real estate. Has signed papers, and in some years has once again signed papers and this all. It is not necessary to search for tenants, to do repair, to collect rent etc. Besides, for the investor there are many methods to increase advantage of investments. It is possible to purchase real estate more cheaply, for example, from the contractor. It is possible to receive discounts at purchasing, for volume etc. the largest and ineradicable lack of the given kind of investment is a high risk to lose money. Building can be tightened for some years, the real estate development company can go bankrupt, money of investors can be plundered etc. I don’t want you to frighten, many investors have made a fortune on the given kind of investment. However risk to lose money is high and it needs to be considered.

3. Commercial real estate purchasing. Plus of the given kind is first of all that, as a rule, it is possible to hire people who will manage in full or in part real estate. That is, it is possible to hire narrow specialists, such as the electrician, the sanitary technician, etc., and at great volumes it is possible in general all activity under the real estate maintenance to charge to a management company. Then it is possible to forget (at least partially) about search of tenants, carrying out flowing and capital repair, collection of payments, etc. Secondly, as a rule, investment returns in a commercial real estate is higher than in the inhabited.

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