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Where It Is Better To Invest Your Money?

Where it is better to invest the money? What real estate to choose? – This question is one of most often asked among those who have spare cash.

These people began to reflect on financial freedom and it happens so that the first spare cash has appeared and this situation takes the person unawares. Where to invest money? In the share, in real estate. We will admit in real estate, in what? You can choose to invest money in purchasing of apartment or in purchasing of a commercial real estate or under construction real estate?

If the person, in advance, even before receipt of money, wasn’t specified with where he will put up money that is 80% guarantee that this money will be dissipated not to destination. The machine will be purchased, repair and still something is made and financial freedom will be postponed without day. I saw such situations many times. And on the contrary, if the person knows, where he wants to put up the money, what documents need to be arranged, how many it is necessary particularly money and where it is possible to specify this quantity money won’t be dissipated before investment and is really close to destination.

Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to be specified with this point in question and when there will be money, they will be enclosed in the investment, and the person will take the first step to financial freedom. Preparation for investment is very important even if now you don’t have money.

Answer to yourself a question: what if tomorrow you will get 1 million dollars how will you spend them? – How many from this money I invest and in what? General answers won?t approach here. – if shares so where they can be purchased, what minimum amount of purchasing etc. – If real estate so how much it costs?

In the given articles we will shortly consider some features of investment in real estate:

1. Investment in apartment purchasing, with its subsequent delivery in rent is the most simple kind of an investment of money with insignificant risks. Its advantages are in that for the person not engaged in business and so more or less all is clear. We buy apartment, we lease. Certainly, here again there are subtleties. What apartment to buy, a five-storey apartment block, the improved layout or elite? In what area, in the center or suburb? What to do in it so it was attractive to the potential costumers? What furniture to buy, etc. These questions it is necessary to set to yourself even before apartment acquisition. However, to make in the given kind of investment a large mistake and to burn through, it is almost impossible.

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