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What Value Has The Business Plan For The Potential Investor?

The investment project Business plan is a card of the enterprise. The enterprise business plan gives to the investor irrefragable answers on the most important investor?s questions: whether there is a sense to put the means in the investment project, under what conditions this project will exist and if it will be as much as possible effective taking into account admissible level of risks which are specified by the developer of the investment project.

Now, to obtain the credit in bank from the enterprise is required competently constituted business plan of the enterprise or the investment project. This requirement is the mandatory condition for bank loan reception. In case the borrower can’t fulfill such requirement of bank, it already speaks about management low level at the enterprise and complete misunderstanding of situation.

Banks don’t like to risk, therefore the credit expert of bank will estimate the request for the credit from such borrower, as operation with very high level of risk. So, the bank will increase at once percent on the credit and such credit for the borrower becomes expensive and unprofitable. Among other things, considering risk of a non-return of the credit by such borrower, the bank necessarily request more powerful guarantees ? will increase requirements on pledge from such borrower. In that case it means serious and liquid pledge which not always is available is required to the borrower.

For the enterprise the internal purposes of business planning which are more accurately visible after drawing up of the business plan of the enterprise and the periodic current analysis of the business plan are very important and its accomplishment becomes standard practice in firm.

The Business plan for the internal purposes is a planning of business of firm, carrying out of personnel training of the enterprise necessary for understanding managers of a situation in which there is an enterprise, level of a market competition and real position of firm in the market. For achievement of the put strategic targets of the enterprise the great value has understanding of the market, knowledge of goods and services of competitors, their strong and weak sides, methods and approaches of work of competitors, strategy of development of the main competitors, all the strong and weaknesses of the investment project, its efficiency in various situations.

The Business plan, as the short resume:

The mandatory requirement for qualitative preparation of the competent director, the manager of any link, the head or the owner of firm is the ability to constitute the enterprise business plan. If you can develop the enterprise some good business plan, adjust current business planning in firm, you can make the business more managed, profitable and effective and also can easily predict a situation and quickly make competent decisions.

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