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What Means For The Company Ability Of Its Employees-sellers To Communicate With The Client?

Agree it is frequent because of one only inattentively told word the scale transaction can break. In this case financial losses of the company will be equal to cost of the missed contract.
On the other hand, training costs a lot of money. And is it possible to estimate its efficiency?
As the most real and indicative estimation calculation of the relation of profit to expenses where expenses is cost of training, and profit ? How to define the profit received as a result of application of new knowledge and skills can serve? Sometimes even the seller not in a condition to trace, in what degree it used during the conclusion those transactions or other special technicians of negotiating. We will try other way. The indicator of efficiency of training becomes obvious if to correlate an average of prisoners (in a week, month or year) contracts before training.
There are also situations when expenses for training are paid back only by one transaction. Anyway, real experience of customers testifies that complex training, training with profound study of all typical for the given company ? individual ? the situations arising at negotiations with the customer, ? we will not estimate.
It is important not to convince of sales so much ability, how many ability of the seller to find out deep sense of requirements of the client. Frequently during unostentatious conversation the client for itself at last defines, what exactly to it is important in service, and on what ? it is possible to close eyes. Thus, the seller as though changes its “reality”. When the client realises the true needs, the price question (a stumbling-block of many negotiations) simply pales into insignificance. Unfortunately, in practice sellers, as a rule have the purpose to convince:

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