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The question of motivation and work stimulation is in general the basic question of management in any area of business. But on sales it is shown most boldly: have picked up the correct scheme of motivation ? sales grow, were mistaken ? sales fall; all relationships of cause and effect clearly. And, probably, only on sales so the most different experiments in motivation sphere more often are made ? it would be desirable as better!

Let’s talk about the high: who such ideal seller or the manager on sales? The answer is obvious: the one who is able to sell and wishes to receive for it money. And then the situation with stimulation of work of such expert becomes absolutely clear: the more you pay, the better the person works. Just in this case the fixed part of the salary can be very small and all thoughts of the worker will be directed on high sales as on them and individual plan and “percent” “is fastened”. All is very simple, isn’t that so?

Objectively there exist disbalance between quantity on a labour market of people with the necessary professional both personal qualities and requirement of business for them. And it means that even in that case when all in the organisation are necessary people on the given position, sometimes it is impossible to find and involve in the company.

The management sounds the requirements so:

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