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Typical And Repeating Investment Errors

Many investors often make typical and repeating mistakes. Basically all of them are clear, but always there is some force, forcing to neglect rules and as result we lose money, we incur losses. William D. O?Neill has gathered the list of principal views of errors at investment.

I suggest familiarizing and finding the errors that were admitted in own investment in the past.

1. The aspiration to earn quickly and a lot of. Without serious necessary preparation, development of methods and reception of skills there is a probability of acquisition of doubtful assets.

2. Fulfillment of transactions under helps, hearings, announcements of crushing and other news events.

3. Inability to distinguish the good information and to draw a conclusion on the basis of correct councils.

4. Inability to generate own opinion at decision making, work without the constituted action plan and rules. Concentration of time on assets acquisition, without planning time and terms of sale.

5. A biased sight at assets and purchasing of “old familiar names

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