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Trade Strategy And Success In Business

What does the strategy mean?

Under the formulation of the dictionary strategy is, first, art of conducting large military operations and war as a whole; secondly it is art of a management public and political strike; also it is possible, naturally to add that thirdly it is an art of trade in the market. About strategy of conducting war L.N.Tolstoy in the novel “War and peace” has written so: ?a fortress is not difficult to take, difficult to win the company. And for this purpose it is not necessary to storm and attack, but the patience and time is necessary?.

In the war ? as in the war. This French saying quite often should be remembered to the speculator of stock market.

?My God! Give me forces to change that I can change; give me mildness to reconcile that I can’t change; also give me wisdom to distinguish the first from the second!?


The trader is equal to a merchant of the first guild
“Business” we will understand as any kind of business when the person puts the energy, time and personal money for realization of any project and income acquisition. The project can be different: from strawberry cultivation on a garden site (for sale) before creation of new production or trade enterprise. Speculative operations as a part of any business possess a number of advantages.

First, it is intellectual business, i.e. not demanding physical efforts.

Secondly, it is prestigious business and speculative operations. While the speculator carries out two important functions:

Maintenance of liquidity of the market, or, in other words, possibilities for foreign sellers or buyers to sell or purchase the goods necessary to them without unreasonable loss of time and money;

Function of the economic barometer without prejudice reflecting state of the economy of the state. The insult on speculators in this case looks as insult of the Egyptian Pharaoh on the messenger who has brought a message undesirable to the Pharaoh which turns around for the messenger sad consequences.

The third advantage of speculative operations is a credit drawing facility (free of charge and at carrying over of an open position ? with a reasonable payment for carrying over of a position or even with surcharge).

Natural continuation of advantages of the given business are its lacks most important from which are:

? High risk of losses of the capital and that is actually a very important argument as many speculators and businessmen pay attention to this factor and don?t enter the market at all so not to lose the capital they have;

? The psychological injury rate caused by that the trader, by and large, has nobody to “write off” the failures, except as on himself.

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