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The Ways To Minimise Recoils In ?2?-sales

On the majority of the B2B-markets recoils are the standard rule of work with the supplier. In this case either the company works by these rules or initially loses the most part of client base. During carrying out of trainings on heads of the companies and commercial directors often ask to technologies questions on how to minimise the sizes of the recoils paid to employees of the enterprises-clients. In many cases there comes a situation when to the supplier ceases to be economic to continue cooperation all profit is eaten by recoils. In this article we will analyse basic ways of minimisation of paid recoils.

To offer recoils only to the key companies-clients

About definition of value of the client for the company it is written much. One of methods which allows to define priority of the client, the so-called AVS-ANALYSIS of client base. The AVS-ANALYSIS essence consists that if to analyse client base of any company we will find out the following law: 20 % of clients give approximately 60 % of volume of profit is a group And ? priority (key) clients, 30 % of clients on the average bring 30 % of volume of profit is a group In, and the greatest group ? with (50 % in client base) ? brings only 10 % of profit.

In the majority of the companies the AVS-ANALYSIS is spent under actual transactions for the period. In our opinion such analysis answers a question

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