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The Way To Success In Business Part 2

All losers spoke about the excitement pushing them to the transaction. They couldn’t refrain from a transaction capture… To sit off side without an open position, obviously, it is intolerable for these people. They are happier, when trade, winning or losing, than when don’t trade. They seemed ill with the trading fever spreading on their blood system.

Other two general moments rotate round trading decisions and capital management. Losers pay small attention to capital management. One loser has directly told me: ?the Essence of this game is not in capital management, and in that, the right you are or not?. I observed that few of them pay attention to the assets… On the balance sheet of the account. They have been amazed that someone traces it daily as they didn’t understand what relation it has to opening of an profitable position.

At last all of them asked me, whether I knew somebody who really earned it on life. They seemed very uncertain that it is possible. They lacked belief… Even in the face of proofs which to them constantly were given by financial managers… That profit become in regular enough image.

Now about winners

With what here to begin? To my astonishment, winning traders set to me as many questions, as well as I to them! Losers set very few questions. Any of winners didn’t trade options. All of them had this or that form of government the capital, and all were technical traders.

All to one: Both men and women all of them could remember one big loss which, apparently, was printed in their consciousness as something such that they won’t allow to happen again… Never. Therefore they use stops and understand perversity of “fling” transactions only from there is nothing to do. Thus, they consult on internal “voice” about the transactions a little.

The big distinction consists also in willows volume that winners fix the their attention on very small number of the key “favorites” markets, One winner traded only a soya ? and anything else, since 1956. Losers, apparently, change the markets. While winners conduct (or buy) many researches which they carefully study, losers, apparently, search for the person who would pull out of them or has made for them money.

All winners entirely trust, they will make money, and simply refuse to allow bad to happen to them. They have aura of protection round themselves, they simply don’t make silly acts in the market. They are amazed by that the majority of people don’t do that they do, they understand that this very intense employment, but believe that any person with sufficient intelligence can do the same, as they do and will successfully continue to do in the future.

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