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The Way To Success In Business Part 1

The way to success in business Part 1
So in these series of articles we will find out what is the modeling and what it means and also how to differ losers from winners.

Results of modeling more than 20 winning and 30 losing traders.

Almost all that we are able to do well in life, we have learned at those who do it well. I have learned to throw a football watching for a player by name of Rase Pauere and to play handball watching for Poll Haber.

In language of high technologies it is called modeling: find any good trader and carefully research everyone it action specify its principles what he does good and bad. Then fix this advantageous form in the consciousness and a body.

I have spent last 2-3 years, carefully writing down conversations with losers and winners getting into their heads to find out not only styles of trade, but also and their beliefs. You read about some of these traders whom I modeled in books and magazines. Some of winners are more reserved. But what opening! There is a big difference as winners and losers lead the game.

However, probably, my most curious opening that between these types of traders there are also important similar lines. Let’s talk at first about them.

Both winners and losers are absorbed by idea of trade. It is their life. Both for the winner and for the loser it is a passion, and both of them are extremists. The biggest loser, whom I know, plays with the same intensity and energy, as any of winners. Therefore as a distinctive component we clean desire or prompting.

Other general line opened by me, consisted in that at these traders was a few close friends of the same sex. Men had one close friend of a male as same as the women. Whether they are winners or losers, but the things is that passionate future traders are not very sociable people.

The extremism which I have concerned earlier, penetrates both their lives groups, seemingly, profess of an extreme conduct of life and beliefs. They see the world in most cases as black-and-white; with very few semitones I assume that it plunges losers into such big troubles… They absolutely indulge in trade but as they from the very beginning do all incorrectly, their catastrophic crashes so great or it is constant.

And their distinctions

At first we will look at losers. Here what I have found about them in general.

The majority of them are afflicted with idea of transformation, 000 in, 000,000, and the more likely, the better. The purpose is fast and essential profits. All had internal dialogue ?with themselves? about the transactions both before position opening, and in some days after an exit!

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