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The International Experience Of Small-scale Business Support

The majority of foreign states for assistance of development of a small-scale business try to involve means not from the outside and at the expense of mobilization in home market using systems of privileges and national aid. Financial stability of the country directly depends on realization of economic potential of small enterprises, possibilities and conditions of their financial provision. The effective system of the state financial support is of great importance not only for the enterprises, and for a national economy.

Experience of the USA, concerning small-scale business developments, for couples of system of the state contracts, giving the chance to receive the guaranteed seller’s market of production is worthy to accelerate a private fund heap, to increase capacities. Public authorities approve the list of works and services orders on which grant only small enterprises. At a public contract of the company – monopolists are often forced a part order (about 10 %) to transmit to the subcontract to small enterprises.

Compensation of all expenses of the small enterprises connected with training of personnel practices Japan for acceleration of qualitative development of the enterprise, and 2/3 expenses for improvement of professional skill of workers.

Experience of Great Britain where the municipal authority declares competition on fulfillment of different kinds of works will be interesting to local government bodies. The winner receives not only the favorable order but also an initial capital. Support of small business at-sight can become a basis of development of regions and social and economic maintenance of their population.

In Germany at the expense of means of Bank of credit warranties small enterprises have possibility to receive a commercial credit, to constitute the leasing agreement. Also in Germany the system of preferential crediting is applied at development of highly technological productions, to creation of small private enterprises. In this case the payment for use of credit recourses, as a rule does not exceed 6 % annual, and term of credit injection of 10-15 years.

In Canada for granting of loans to small enterprises there are over 200 centers of development. In France with the same purpose are formed companies of the mutual guarantee.

In world practice are also known such forms of support of small business as returning of easy loans in case of successes and loans with preferential interest rates. For example, in Japan are granted long-term loans on favorable terms for small-scale business development in certain regions of the country, production incentive of new kinds of production and replenishment of the core and a working capital of enterprise structures. Thus the state guarantees to banks of commerce duly returning by the enterprises of loans.

In Italy practice of granting of preferential long credits is for example, under 3-5 % annual and at the market interest rate about 15 %. The enterprises can receive a side benefit in 20-30 % of indemnification of cost of a loan at long-term return of the credit.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with smart approach; small business grants including.

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