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The First Steps In Investment Part 2

The personal financial plan

If you wish to organize all process of investment even more conveniently, I recommend adhering to the developed plan. The plan allows keeping account all operations, counting profit even easier and to observe how your capital grows. It is easy for constituting together with the adviser.

And what if?

Throughout time wide interval in stock market and round it will pass various events and situations. What to do? How to react? Let?s talk about this in this section.

And what to do if share cost sharply falls?

Falling of cost of the share can be caused only by two reasons. The first of them is a management company has ceased to beat the market. Basically, it occurs seldom enough, after all if you select fund from among recommended one the probability of a considered situation is almost equal to zero. But all the same if it has occurred, transfer the investments into other fund from among the recommended.

Long falling of the market can become the second reason that in itself is a good enough for the investor with a long-term investment strategy. Than more spring have compressed, the longer it constrained in such condition, the more promptly it will shoot. Therefore continue to acquire monthly shares of the chosen funds, considering a current situation as possibility to acquire a paper on distress prices. The history has proved that those daredevils who after crisis of 1998 in our country bought up securities for nothing, by the present moment have increased the capital in hundreds times. Crisis is time of the big possibilities. Act, adhering to the chosen strategy, and time will remunerate you to wisdom. Besides, correctly diversified portfolio will help you to receive the income of such tools, as bonds and deposits.

And nevertheless let’s imagine such situation: the market hasn’t won back, national economy doesn’t grow, reforms are curtailed, and the system has changed. Certainly, it is improbable, but is possible. What then? Then you can tell with quiet confidene that you have made everything to provide the future, investing only 10th part of the income. And now present that all has turned out that the market developed and further how it was throughout all history of capitalism, and you didn’t use this possibility. What then? It is only for you to choose. I have made the choice, just like it has done another 100 million persons in the USA. And even if this way for me will appear deadlock, I will find forces and already other road to the freedom.

And what to do, if analysts say what shares should be sold?

The majority of analysts have earned a name as follows: recognizing that the market can go in a short-term time interval either upwards or downwards with probability 50/50, analysts safely give those or other forecasts. Therefore more than half of forecasts at greater parts of analysts converge. The remained things are easy: to thrust far away the misses and to parade the victories and after small time interval of analytics start to trust in the capability to predict behavior of the market.

Friends, don’t pay attention to these pseudo-forecasts. Be guided first of all by the investment strategy. Continue to act, knowing that the victory in the investment market always was behind those who consistently adhered to the long-term strategy. I want to notice that I don’t mean that you never reviewed structure of the portfolio but on the contrary, do it every year.

The days when governments have been flooding people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not mean that you must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with wise approach; small business grants including.

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