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The First Steps In Investment Part 1

I have been worrying so much when I did the first steps in investment. But that support, which was rendered to me by the instructor, has helped me to transform these steps into a chain of accessible and consecutive actions.

Step 1

Constitute the personal financial plan and an investment portfolio. Select funds. Especially for the first time it is better to do it with the financial consultants.

Step 2

Open the bank account. It is necessary for working with a management company.

Step 3

At a meeting with the financial consultant necessarily take with yourself the Id and requisites of your bank account. These documents are necessary for registration of the request for acquisition of shares of fund. By means of the adviser fill all necessary documents. I recommend arranging at once the request for repeated acquisition of shares which will allow you to transfer money monthly in a management company. If you want to receive the statement by mail necessarily report about it to the manager with whom you will legalize all papers.
Step 4

Transfer money to the management company account, necessarily specifying the name of the chosen share investment fund. In the request for acquisition all requisites of your management company will be presented.

Step 5

Receive the statement about quantity of the acquired shares with date purchased and their cost. If you have decided to receive the statement at management company office it is necessary for you to fetch it in 5?7 working days after purchasing. Well, and if you have ordered statement reception by mail you need to wait on the average for 2?3 weeks during which to you should report that in the nearest postal department waits for you the letter by special delivery. You also will find the statement in which acquisition date, cost and quantity of shares of fund will be specified in it.

Some words about freedom:

It seems to me that freedom should be shown even in trifles. Therefore you shouldn’t repeat registration procedure monthly. For the subsequent acquisition of shares of fund you need to come simply to bank and to transfer money to the account of a management company on the basis of the repeated request. It won?t take any long procedures of registration, but only a few minutes monthly and you are absolutely free. It is also an excellent possibility for those who specially come from apart to a city in which there are branch or the agent of a management company of share investment fund.

That level of freedom which gives us investment, isn’t comparable with one other type of activity, it is expressed at least that the management company will independently subtract 13 % from profit, and you don’t need to make a campaign to the inspector of taxes.

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