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The Financial Plan Of The Business For The Potential Investors!

The financial plan of the business for the potential investors!

The financial plan explains how the concept is financially favorable to the investor. It is that section for which investors frequently spend most of all studying time.

Detailed plan of receipts:

The financial plan should present model of incomes of the company, including each site in which the company receives incomes. These flows of incomes can include, among the other:

* Sale of the goods / services

* Incomes of advertizing

* Sale of licenses / a royalty / sales charges

It is necessary to note relative importance and timeliness of each income; it will help investors to estimate the company better. For example, the investor can not trust that the company immediately will receive considerable incomes of sale of any assets, and it will be a problem. However, if the given sales constitute 2 % from total amount of the income the investor can also not give it value.

Financial statements:

The financial plan should show in detail history (if it is applicable) and predicted. Into the financial plan enters: the report on profit, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement. It is very important that the figures used in these reports followed from the analysis of each section of the business plan.

The resume of financial forecasts should be presented in a text part of the plan while complete forecasts (tables, calculations) should be in the Appendix. For the existing companies, in the financial plan it is necessary to note any essential deviations (for example, margin increase) between last and predicted result.

Check of the assumption and forecasts:

The financial plan should describe in detail the basic assumptions such, as change of the rates, acting privileges, taxes etc.

All Companies are unique; everyone has similarity to other companies. Reports and financial forecasts on the basis of these similar companies can confirm realism and a financial forecast maturity substantially.

Sources and funds:

The financial plan should describe in detail sources and uses of means. In financing sources first of all to include external investments and an operating income. Use of funds can include expenses with sale, personnel, developments of technologies, office accommodations etc.

Exit strategy:

All investors wish to see an accurate picture of an exit from the company, terms and methods thanks to which they can receive “cash” of investments and profit. The fine method is the description of the comparable companies which were successfully sold, or through acquisition, by merge etc.


The appendix is used for confirmation of the basic part of the business plan. Each business plan should have a complete kit of financial forecasts in the Appendix, with short conclusions of this reporting in the Resume and the Financial plan.

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