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The Business Plan Structure

The structure of the business plan of the investment project isn’t regulated by the legislation, therefore each firm develops own approaches and structure of the business plan which depend on a character of business and main objectives of drawing up of the business plan and requirements according to it.

So, for example, the production enterprise business plan will be essentially different from the business plan of trading structure, the business plan of bank department or the service trade enterprise.

The difference in enterprise scales essentially influences requirements to the business plan regarding volume of the information and level of its detailed elaboration; however the structure of the business plan doesn’t depend on it in any way.

The business plan structure, or its basic sections are identical and to both variants of representation of the business plan – the short resume or the developed and all-round variant. The difference between them is only in information volume – the resume, unlike a complete variant contains only the basic information and conclusions.

The business plan structure depends on the purpose of its writing, for what it is intended – for credit reception in bank, attraction of the investor or the partner, a provisional estimate of the investment project, carrying out of presentation of the investment project or for intra firm planning. In any cases some sections can be considered in more details/

Requirements to the business plan:

One of the basic requirements to the investment project business plan is its clearness; it should be written without difficult professional terminology, simple words. Appendices in the form of schedules and charts which do the business plan by more evident are also very desirable.

Business plan volume is an order of 20-30 sheets of the text on the one hand, but special demands to the maintenance and then the volume can reach 50 sheets and more. The Business plan should contain only the basic information, but any supplementary information also should be prepared for possible further review.

The investment project Business plan should be under construction on the basis of the real, unbiassed information received from accessible sources and contain references to documents, results of researches, reports and expert opinions.

In the business plan it is impossible to do doubtful or uncertain assumptions and conclusions which aren’t based on calculations and expert evaluations. (For example: ” in the next two years the firm will be in the leaders of industry…” Or “the Future behind our progressive technology…”). Such things are a sign of absence of professionalism.

Trustworthy information about risks from participation in the investment project on which the impartial analysis should be made should be resulted and variants of its avoidance or minimization are considered.

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