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Stages Of Development Of The Manager On Sales

Now, when the situation in the country is extremely not stable, it is more and more difficult to sell all. Right now demand for sellers which are able to work professionally, competently to build sale and to receive good result is especially high! But how to understand that you are a competent expert. How to understand at what stage of development you are (or have got stuck???). And to what it is necessary to aspire?

Want trust, want do not but it is already repeatedly checked up on experience. For the life each seller, I will not be afraid this word, evolves and inevitably passes a number of stages. What? And here about it is more detailed ?

Stage the first. Overcoming of the first refusals and objections!

Let’s be frank. In a life of each seller was (or still there is) a period when you call to the client (or you come to it) and from a threshold will come across the first refusals. And it, to put it mildly, upsets! What occurs further? And further there is a following ? the seller learns to ignore the first refusals, to ignore in good sense of this word, confidently going to the purpose.

At the first stage the seller learns to react (more precisely, not to react!) on refusals and at the given stage of the seller excite most of all such questions, as:

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