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Stages Of Business Formation

Many investors prefer to use market prices as a management for decision making in the security market. But it is an error. Market price is the last thing on what the investor should pay the attention. And the first on what they should look is fundamental characteristics of business.

Considering this or that business as capital investments place, it is necessary to look as business behaved in the past. Certainly, the past isn’t a guarantee of the future results. It is important to understand, how the company has come to current results and whether it can continue the business further.

As the person passes stages of the course of life and any business passes stages of the formation. If you are the owner of expensive racing car that costs some millions dollars I think, you won?t sit for its wheel some stranger.

Trusting the car or the capital it is necessary to produce an estimation of the person and same is with the business. Whether there are at it the operating permits, what experience of driving the person possesses, whether he got into serious road and transport incidents. After that you will allow him to test as the driver having established certain restrictions and a probation period. The same algorithm of actions it is applied at a business choice in which you are going to invest the money.

Having studied business history, it is necessary to specify what results it has achieved in the past. How it reacted to economic difficulties, how it solved tasks in view. Having looked at it, it is not necessary to put up all money in one business. It is necessary to specify a limit of means which will be enclosed in this or that business. And to increase quantity of the purchased shares gradually in the event that business behaves how just as you have assumed.

Any business passes stages of development in the formation. And at each stage the investor has a possibility to put up the money and to receive investment revenue. How you think, if you are the private investor at what stage you should start put up the money?

1. An investment in the business plan. At a development stage.

2. An investment in young business. At a development stage, less than 5 years.

3. An investment in steady business. At stability stage, more than 5 years.

4. An investment in public business. At a share placing stage at a stock exchange.

5. An investment in mature business. The large companies with long history.

6. An investment in leaders of industry. The companies from the exchange index list.

7. An investment in leaders of industry. At a stage of considerable decrease in value.

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