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Some Theses About Creation Of Department Of Sales

Recently one my acquaintance who was going to start service of sales in the company asked me to advise: with what actually to begin? We long enough communicated with him, then I have a little processed this dialogue and I spread here.

Success of the commercial enterprise in many respects envy from level of sellers which work in it. Excellent sellers can successfully sell a product of average quality, but bad sellers cannot sell even the best goods. Therefore, if you feel requirement for good sellers, it is necessary to create department of sales in the organization. There is a temptation to hire agents, to carry out base training, to appoint it the commission and to send in fields. It is easier, but it is not more effective.

When the department of sales exists in the company, you first receive the control over their work. You can occupy an active role in formation of strategy and planning. Besides, sellers, in difference from agents, work only on your company, instead of sell a product of your competitors because

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