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Small Scale Business: Investment Kinds. (Part 2)

The investment can also depend on degree of influence of results of realization of the investment project on internal or foreign markets of financial, material products and services, work, and also on ecological and social conditions:

* the global projects, which realization essentially influences an economic, social or ecological situation on the Earth;

* the economic projects, which realization essentially influences an economic, social or ecological country situation and at their estimation it is possible to be limited to accounting only this influence;

* the large-scale projects, which realization essentially influences an economic, social or ecological situation in separately taken country;

* the local projects, which realization doesn’t render essential influence on an economic, social or ecological situation in certain regions and (or) cities, on level and structure of the prices on goods markets.

Feature of investment process is its associativity to the uncertainty which degree can vary considerably, therefore depending on risk size of investment projects and it is also subdivided:

* the reliable projects characterized by high probability of reception of warranted results (for example, projects fulfilled under the state order);

* brave projects for which high degree of uncertainty as costs, and results is characteristic (for example, the projects connected with creation of new productions and technologies).

In practice the given classification isn’t settling and supposes the further detailed elaboration.

Realization of any investment project pursues a definite purpose. For different projects these purposes can be various, however in the whole they can be united in four groups:

1. Goods preserving in the market;

2. Expansion of production volumes and improvement of quality of goods;

3. Release of new goods;

4. The decision of social and economic tasks.

The definite purpose can be reached different ways,

Therefore the most part of implementable projects has clashing character when different ways of achievement of the same purpose are studied.

Some common features are inherent in all investment projects, allowing them to standardize. It:

* availability of a time log between the moment of investment and the moment of reception of incomes;

* cost project evaluation.

The time interval between the moment of occurrence of the project and the moment of the termination of its realization is called as a project lifecycle (or a design cycle). The termination of existence of the project can be:

* commissioning of objects, the beginning of their operation and use of results of project implementation;

* achievement by the project of the set results;

* the termination of financing of the project;
* the beginning of works on entering into the project of the serious changes which have been not provided by an initial plan, i.e. modernization;

* a conclusion of objects of the project from operation.

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