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Small Scale Business: How To Find Private Investor?

Where to find financing? There are variants:

* Banks

* Venture capital trusts

* Leasing

* Etc. etc. etc.

But, pledge is required to banks; venture capital trusts don’t give 100 % of financing, etc. What to do? A direct way is refer to the private investor. Only where to find him this is a question. If there are acquaintances or relatives who can enclose in your business all is clear and if those are not present? It is possible also to wait when the investor will appear.

And try to think non-standardly. If you don’t know where to search for them, let them find you. Make a seminar (presentation) of your project. Your purpose is to interest these people to invest in your project.

It is not necessary to base your seminar on a theme: ?give me money?. It is necessary to bring softly and correctly information to the investor that everything told by you at a seminar has under itself some soil for the investment and you are that person who understands a problem to the smallest details that is why for you it is necessary to entrust money under such remarkable idea.

And it shouldn’t be the seminar, under the name: ?who has a lot of money come here!?. Show sharpness, don’t deceive people and show them a seminar theme in such foreshortening in which it will interest them. For example, it can consist of several parts: theoretical, practical, and concrete your project. The main thing it should be interesting, useful and you should over be competent.

That is what is necessary for a seminar:

* Time. Date and time should correspond to possibility to visit it.

* the Venue. All should be made in the standard traditions of carrying out of seminars.

* to Find potential investors. Where? First, there are many companies,a concrete personnel (that is ? potential private investors of your project). Here they also should dispatch professionally prepared brochure of a seminar. Take the newspaper, magazine ? give advertizing.

* to Create a packet for the investor ? perfectly prepared printing copy of your seminar which will give out to listeners.

* Make business cards

* Make presentation (not on words), but use software solutions, for example, order a slide and screens. Create additional materials

Rejoice to questions. If there are some questions it means everything has passed not too badly.

Be afraid of questions, if you can’t confidently answer it is a complete failure for you.

And the main task of a seminar it is to trust in yourself and your own project.

Certainly, will come less people than you count, maybe, nobody comes. And so such wouldn’t happen, necessarily ring round and confirm participation of those to whom you personally dispatched invitations. In a week time make one more seminar, for new participants.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not mean that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with wise approach; small business grants including.

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