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Role Of Service Of Marketing In Management Of Sales In Sphere B2B

Search of a place of service of marketing in structure of enterprises was uneasy. In the mid-nineties many marketing divisions were created simply as a craze. Absence of accurately certain functions and problems of services of marketing frequently led to that they appeared not claimed by a management of the enterprises and adjacent divisions. Further scenarios was a little. In many cases marketing departments gradually died (employees left, without understanding, for what their work is necessary, or the management simply closed department, having played enough with new toy and without seeing practical sense in the further work of division). Also the situation when experts in marketing became “servants for all” is rather extended, completely losing the status at the enterprise. One of such variants is, for example, transformation of department of marketing into the second (parallel) department of sales. In our practice there was a case when the director of the enterprise has formulated the main task of experts in marketing as “to go in business trips”. For today only rather the small number of the enterprises can brag of effectively working departments of marketing with accurately certain functions.

The main reason of a similar situation, in our opinion, is that experts in marketing and top-managers often speak till now “in different languages”. Come on the enterprise from a student’s bench experts in marketing often represent the work as “strategic planning, the SWOT-analysis and construction of matrix BCG”. The director, thinking of categories of profitability of business, expects concrete result in the form of increase in sales volumes and profit, and pragmatic businessmen and at all do not understand, how Lorentz’s curve and a matrix of nine fields will help them to involve clients.

We do not try to challenge here necessity and utility of service of strategic marketing, especially so far as concerns the large companies. At the same time marketing departments can be claimed in a usual business concern or at the small industrial enterprise, participating in managerial process by sales. Here speech, certainly, does not go about that experts in marketing sold something to clients. Marketing divisions can promote effective sales, first of all, solving is information – analytical problems. We will consider the decision of such problems in sphere B2B.

Well-known that the key factor of successful sales is definition of target segments, i.e. groups of clients work with which can make the greatest profit. Thus important not only to define them theoretically, but also to generate the concrete list from the clients entering into these groups. In practice, however, it often looks a little in another way. Clients-managers are engaged in search of clients, being guided by own representations about the market and requirements for a sold product. Besides, on a choice of clients to which the goods (services) are offered, can influence and absolutely subjective factors which are not concerning profitability business. For example it is more pleasant to communicate with someone easier. As a result the most perspective clients can appear out of sight of commercial service, and profitability of the found clients has likelihood character. On the other hand, it is not necessary to demand from businessmen of the detailed analysis of the market and requirements of clients – from them absolutely other problem – to communicate with the client, to be useful and to achieve high indicators of sales.

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