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Reference Points For The Reasonable Investor Part 2

If you want to try the luck in this field, allocate for this purpose separate – the less is the better – a part of the capital and place it on the isolated account. Never fill up money funds on this account for that simple reason that the market grows, so, your profit grows also.

At this time just it is necessary to think of withdrawal of money funds from your speculative account. Never mix the speculative and investment operations neither on one account, nor in the thoughts.

It is necessary to understand that during operations with shares in stock market risks to suffer losses are inseparable from possibility to get profit. That is why the reasonable investor is obliged to consider both these moments.

All told testifies that the councils, concerning investments of means in common stocks, shouldn’t focus the person that he can wait such moment when there will be a possibility to take shares, without subjecting itself to risk to suffer losses because of their falling market a rate (quotations) or these losses will be insignificant.

The mess in this question as it seems to me arises that in investments and gamble there are components of that and another simultaneously, but at a different proportion. That it was clearer, it is necessary to remember how the Chinese symbol representing opposite energy, prisoners in a circle looks.

In this drawing it is visible that one energy is painted in black color, and another in the white. As at black energy there is the element of white energy represented in the form of a white point on a black background. And the contrast to it is the black point represented on a white background.

To similarly this symbol at investments there are elements of gamble (for example, the short-term purchasing, the raised risks and desire to receive benefit), and at gamble there are elements of investments (long-term purchasing, risk monitoring, the quantitative approach). It also causes mess.

Therefore possibility to specify will be the decision of this question, in what proportion there are these opposite components in your activity in stock market and degree of their prevalence. If in operations the investment component it is possible to consider this activity as the investment prevails. If the speculative component it is possible to consider such activity as gamble prevails.

Unconditionally, in quantitative measurement of components there will be some complexity. But if to try to constitute the list from components what the person determines for itself priority in the activity in the background market it is possible to find out that at the speculator speculative components, at the investor ? investment components will prevail.

Congenital propensity of people to gamble in stock market does its similar to a casino. It increases probability of loss of the capital. Completely, of course, hardly it will be possible to get rid of it. But it is necessary to try to make so that to reduce to a minimum this component. In it the task of the reasonable investor also consists.

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