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Psychology Of Sales

To be successful, sellers should possess a full spectrum of knowledge and skills about behavioural psychology of the person. That with peak efficiency to use the skills, it is very important to sellers to understand behaviour of buyers and why buyers behave in one way or another.
The psychology is a science which is based on the analysis of thought process and behaviour of separate individuals. However, it helps sellers to understand the clients and to use this understanding in the purposes. It also means supervision over certain type of behaviour of clients and acceptance of the behavioural decision in relation to them; also it is necessary to observe behaviour of the client in the course of sale and to take into consideration those aspects which can bring success.

Consumer behavior.

At conducting any kind of business it is necessary to analyze the relation of the buyer to purchase fulfilment: for example, whether he does it impulsively or after careful considering? The consumer behaviour usually tends to pass through following stages: the realized requirement arises, when there is any stimulus or the motive inducing to action, for example, the advertisement which is evident. Requirements are a major factor which induces people to actions.
The purpose is put for satisfaction of the arisen requirement. The purposes define behaviour: for example, it is possible to wish to come to a certain condition, to get concrete subjects, to get a certain experience or to conduct certain activity.
The purpose-problem is defined. The purpose-problem is a type of the subject which purchase/acquisition will help to achieve the object.
The concrete purpose-problem which is necessary for buying is chosen, on the basis of an estimation and that analysis is available.
The purpose-problem is bought.
The person uses the purpose-problem.
The person estimates the purpose-problem after purchase.
Process from the first stage to the last can occupy second when purchase is made at once, and months and even years can sometimes be demanded for fulfilment careful thought over purchase.

Reception and perception of a signal to sale.

Process of processing of the information makes a brain by means of visual, acoustical perception and perception of body language. Correct use of these sources and a correct way of reaction to each of the listed signals will help with process of sales.

1. To capture attention
2. To clear interest
3. To clear desire
4. To finish sales


? A mutual understanding Establishment
? Overcoming of objections
? Creation to your goods/service

How to capture attention
The attention is involved with something especial: in the printing announcement it can be bright heading or the price; whether on a tele- or a radio advertising there can be sound effects music; during conversation it can be the courageous statement or an interesting phrase.

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