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Never Outshine the Master!

Before you click away from this post in anger?. let me explain! I know that one of the reasons you set out to be a business owner, is the desire to be free of a boss (or master), to have some control over your schedule and financial independence; and here I come talking about ? never outshine your master!

The truth of the matter is that, a owner, does enjoy a bit more freedom than the average employee, but we still do have ?masters?! Think; your business actions and successes are determined by your customers, vendors and regulators (IRS, various state regulatory agencies, etc.) .

Like it or not these groups of people can make or break you! Never outshine them.

What I mean by out-shine, in this context, is you should strive to be the humble party in your dealings with your customers, vendors and regulators. You can maintain and exhibit confidence in your products or services, but you want to practice good relationship management when working with the people that help keep you in business.

One of the easiest ways to maintain a good working relationship is to be sure the people you need for your business don?t feel threatened by you or your successes. Often remind them of how valued they are, but more importantly, how much of your success translates into greater success for them.


This group is probably the group that has the most effect on your business. A owner doesn’t want to ever make your customers feel like you don?t need or appreciate their patronage. Never make your customers feel that your success has made your company ?above? them or that you no longer feel that their business is worth your time. Here are a few ways to keep your customers feeling good about your product or services.

-Respond to Customer Needs
-Deal with Customer Complaints
-Stay in Touch

Vendors and Suppliers

This is another critical group in relation to your business, but to a greater degree when your a small business. Building relationships with key lend credibility to your business. The main thing to remember with your key vendors is to never go into direct competition or do anything to make the vendors feel that you are negatively affecting their business.

example: If you get your ?product? from vendor A and you see that another company across town uses vendor A, don?t go trying to undercut vendor A and attempt to sell ?product? to the company across town because vendor A gives you a better price than the other company gets.

You can?t do business without your equipment, supplies, products and resources. Keep your vendors happy!


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