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Motivation In Department Of Sales

Management of sales as a cycle consisting of four elements:
Planning of sales,
The organisation of sales,
Motivation of sales,
The control of sales
Now about motivation. The motivation of other (employees) begins with the fair analysis of judgement of the problem. For example: what for I was hired on a post of the head of department of sales? That I have lifted sales in the company? No. My problem is not to lift sale. My problem is that employees have lifted sales. That is have carried out the problem. Then I will be executed also. At such sight at the problem the motivation of employees will be not a kick when all is bad but daily work.

You work as the serviceman, the organizer and the controller of difficult process. It is your main task. All the rest is from crafty. Certainly, sometimes it is necessary to you to do another ? to sell, collect daily analytical reports, etc. Do, only admit to yourself ? that it is a special version of laziness. It will be fair.

Let’s try the motivation to consider from the point of view of adjustment and the control of process of sales.

The managers working in representations of the western companies say that business with motivation is put somehow badly in the companies. Anybody especially or specially does not motivate them. Also believe, employees do the work rather effectively.
Simply they receive much bigger than on the average on the market, the salary and have definiteness that it to do. The main thing in our opinion are long-term traditions of business dealing and enormous experience which was saved up by the western companies for centuries of market economy.


Proceeding from common sense if in a tank there is not enough gasoline we do not establish a turbo-supercharging and we call in on refuelling. If there is no technology (clear rules, definiteness) in daily work of department the common sense prompts not to be engaged in motivation of people for work and these conditions and definiteness create it.

The motivation is a tactical tool. And strategic consists of several elements:
To the employee it should be clear that it does on this place, the salary is paid for actions, the percent why to it additional bonuses are paid is paid for that actions.
The powerful moral motivation is necessary, first of all there where does not work. It is especially actual for again formed firms which make break on the market and are compelled to redistribute internal resources (quite often not in favour of the salary and indemnifications) for increase of the competitiveness.

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