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Money Making: Stamps Collecting As A Investment Kind

Probably, the most accessible and I will not be afraid to tell the most instructive kind of a collecting is philately (collecting of stamps).

Into circulation this term was entered by Frenchman George Erpen already 240 years ago. He became the first-ever philatelist, and “has infected” with this passion millions people all over the world.

In a basis of the first-ever collection the first-ever stamp which issued in 1840 and has received the name “black penny”. Strange, at first sight, the name has been given completely not casually: on a black background the profile of the queen of England Victoria with the signature “one penny” – “one penny” is represented. Now this mark is considered an ornament of any collection. Here only to get it is uneasy if to consider, especially, that its price reaches 1,5 million dollars.

It would seem, “black a penny” should become the most philately expensive to fans. However a palm in the hearts of fans of stamps belongs now not to it, but to the Swedish three-cheap miniature which was issued for 17 years later “black penny”, in 1857 and, hence, for stunning value. On an oversight they have painted it not in yellow color, as all other marks from this series, but in green. As a result already by the end of a XIX-th century it would be called “marriage”, has turned to dream of any philatelist, from the venerable master to the beginning collector. And consequently nobody was surprised with news that some years ago certain wished to remain the unknown person the collector has laid out for it at auction of 2,3 million dollars.

Most vivid example can become well-known Mauritius marks. The island Mauritius which was then the British colony has issued the first post stamps on payment of all in 7 years after occurrence of “a black penny”. From now on the island has firmly taken place in the hearts of philatelists: its marks are appreciated very highly thanks to the quality, beauty and a variety of pictures. Here are presented both portraits, and landscapes, and unique fauna of island. But especially the place in this number is occupied with mark “Blue Mauritutius”, issued in 1848.

As well as in a case with the Swedish three-cheap miniature, it has become famous thanks to marriage – on it instead of a habitual inscription “Post Paid” is written “Postoffice” It is said that this error was the most known in the history of philately. Marks with this erroneous inscription are considered as the rarest so the most valuable; their cost reaches the fabulous sums. Now in the world is only 4 copies of these marks, one of them has been acquired in 1995 by Mail Museum in Hague.

Of all above-stated there can be an impression that the collecting of marks is destiny of rich idle people to who has no place to put money and who travel the world in search of that were considered 200 years ago as “marriage” and wasn’t thrown out almost on a dustbin. In practice, philatelic collections gradually hold a firm place among investment tools along with shares, bonds, bills etc. And the price for them constantly grows.

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