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Money Making: How To Receive Firm Income

Dream of each investor is the high warranted income. I will tell at once: miracles don?t happen. To receive 100 % annual without risk to lose 100 % of the capital it is impossible. But to receive 20-30 % at almost complete guarantee of absence of losses it is quite real. Let?s see how it is possible to do?

At first we will make absolutely logical two assumptions.

The first. Unique more or less not risky variant of money investment is bank deposits in decent banks. The next year bank crises are not expected but we will consider therefore that at the contribution for a year the investor will receive 10 % without problems.

The second. The stock market develops, indexes grow, crises, besides, it is not necessary to expect yet. But investments in the share is a piece all the same risky, therefore firmly to count on profit nevertheless it is not necessary. On the other hand, Stock Exchange is not Forex to lose all capital it is almost impossible there. Moreover, really possible losses for a year (it is important) – percent 20-30 from the capital, and that – if simply extremely won’t carry. I will remind that to lose 20 % for a month much easier, than for a year since rate fluctuations on short intervals happen considerable, but in due course these fluctuations smooth out. Certainly, If you haven’t put up all money there.

And now – focus. If the expected profit under the deposit is equal to expectational possible losses on stock investment the worst total financial result will be equal to zero. I.e. the capital remains exactly to the same, as it was. Once again: we talk about the worst possible variant. All other variants are better, so, probability of profit earning much more above than probability to remain with former money.

In present real conditions you can put absolutely easy in the share a quarter of your capital. Actually, I think that this coefficient still above. But we will be conservative.

At an investment in the share of a quarter of the capital to lose money it is possible only in case of atomic warfare or scale world crisis. What with profit?

If the profit on shares has constituted 50 % the general profit appears equal 20 %. If on shares you earn 70 % all receive 25 %. And you can double the money put up in the share in total gain 32,5 % annual on the capital.

It is a question of almost guaranteed break-even investments at very conservative behavior. Under such circumstances 20-30 % of profit annuallyis a very quiet good result. So what you should do is only to make your final decision.

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