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Money Making: Collecting As An Investment Method Part 1

Who did not collect mark in the childhood? Or calendar cards? And remember the moments of absolute happiness when the collection replenished with a rare copy? Certainly, the collecting is first of all pleasure from possession, but sometimes it also a good method to invest money.

To earn on a collecting, according to experts, it is possible by two methods. The first is to find collectors and to offer them that they search. The second is to create the unique collection which then can be sold favorably. Both variants are labor-consuming enough and stretched in time. Both demand certain knowledge and enthusiasm for favorite business.

Difference between them is in that in the first case the collector takes pleasure in the process, and in the second – from the possession fact. However, say that hunters behind treasures become sooner or later passionate collectors simply once the thing which already gets to hands.

Collectors are a special category of people. For them possession a rare copy not a whim, but it is a vital necessity. Therefore it is quite natural that the person agrees to pay good money for rare, unique mark, a coin or a badge.

There is a huge set of kinds of collecting. Some with enthusiasm collect pictures of artists. Someone collects ancient cars. Others worship period furniture.
The most widespread are philately (a collecting of marks), numismatics (a collecting of coins), floristic (a collecting of awards and badges) and collecting of books.

The main thing is a start capital.

If it is not a pity, found it is possible to sell at once to collectors. But thus hardly it is necessary to count on the solid income. Isolated copies are bought up, as a rule, on cheap stuff. Complete series are more expensively appreciated. Therefore, if there is a desire, it is possible to try to collect missing patterns independently. Who knows, probably, it becomes the beginning of an outstanding collection?

By the way, to become the collector it is insufficient simply to collect badges, coins or marks. As it will be banal collecting. The present collection any idea, as a rule, should unite, and copies in it should be sorted on years of release, series and so on.

Determination of its concept should be the first step to creation of own collection. Let it will be not simple gathering of ancient books, and, for example, textbooks on etiquette or books about the geographical opening. Marks can be collected on subjects: military, aviation, space, Olympic and so on. The same concerns numismatics and faleristics. By the way, the more specialized is collection the easier it will be to understand it. Agree, much more pleasantly not simply to collect abstract things, but also to understand an essence of these things.

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