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Money Making: Bank Metals: Whether It Is Possible To Earn On It? Part 2

Deposits in gold

Those who hope for stability of gold or doesn’t wish to watch for the price volatility of gold, it is better to issue nevertheless deposits in gold. However, who has gold in ingots in escrow with the bank, also it is not necessary to be under a delusion with special efficiency. After all to exchange bank metals for money it will be possible only in working bank days and hours.

As to the deposit in gold in this case the investor as that gold doesn’t see in general. The client changes the money for a gold equivalent at a current rate. After some term it receives the sum of money, but in recalculation on present cost of gold.

Banks declare that trade exclusively in the metal of the first-rate quality brought from abroad (though it is not clear, what for near houses hang leaflets ? ?the bank will buy gold and jewelry?). To estimate, the quality of metal is possible only with the expert. Financiers assure as the disadvantage of gold isn’t present supposedly bank metals deliver in sufficient volumes by planes.

As a rule, in first half of year gold rises in price, however in second half can as promptly become cheaper up to indicators of the beginning of year. Traditional time of purchase and gold sale is spring. This is a period of growth of world demand for metal. Demand for bank metals grows and from the industry of jewelers. Demand for gold ornaments is high enough; here jewelers buy high-quality bank gold.

Silver as alternative to gold

As to other metals, demand for them is lower. Though their world cost grows. For example, silver is actively used both in the jeweler industry and in other areas of manufacture. However silver, unlike gold, from the point of view of liquidity is even more inconvenient bank metals than gold. If the gold ingot can be taken away with itself and carry away, to do the same with silver extremely inconveniently in view of that it is on sale in much bigger volumes. And banks too wouldn’t like to potter with silver.

If this metal also trade then it can be done only with very high assay. Because of its low liquidity the population also doesn’t hasten to buy silver. Many underestimate possibilities of this metal associating it with grandmother’s spoons or inexpensive ornaments. At the same time, silver often overtakes gold on dynamics of growth.

Experts note that silver has the big possibilities as the depositary contribution. Anyway drawing interest and earning on course cost of metals is better than to hold it in a bank cell, paying for its storage, and to wait when the price for it will sharply grow.

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