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Money Making: Art Investment Part 3

What to choose?

In general if knowledge of art absolutely absent investment without the aid of the competent adviser hardly will bring in high incomes. By the way, risks exist as at an investment of means in antiques which it is initially necessary to understand well, and at purchasing of fashionable works of modern masters.

The existing rule is the following that there are no present bad artists, but they only not that much famous as others, to the full concerns both segments of the market. The good luck element here is very important.

Certainly, the antiques knowingly are considered less brave direction of an investment of means. After all life and creativity of old masters has become history and popular scientific books are written about it, catalogs of the works created. But swindlers, wishing to earn on popularity of masters, here again don’t doze: the quantity of fakes in the antiquarian market constitutes about 70 %.

I know that there is a paid site art-price where the prices of the works sold by auction at all auctions are specified. Here there is no data about the subjects sold through galleries, shops or private dealers, and also about the cloths which are in museums. And so, according to this official data, the quantity of the pictures of Ivan Ayvazovsky sold worldwide in 4 – 5 times is exceeded by admissible quantity of pictures which it could draw during lifetime.
For this reason for the beginner it is not necessary to rush in popular directions of art. To begin with it is possible to begin with such fast-growing segments as an old subject photo, the varnish miniatures made till 1945, hours with the floating case, made for the ships, an item from precious metals. It is better to investor to solve at once, he wants to work with engravings, glass, subjects of art of certain region or to collect still-lifes, works of marine painters or masters of a cubism/neocubism and others.

And here there are subtleties in work with modern subjects of art. Here more than at operations with antiques play a role “promotion” of the master, and especially – a fashion for its works from top politicians, actors, oligarchs. We will repeat: investments into art are not simple knowledge, but also good luck. Besides for a long time it is noticed that art reciprocates only to the present judges of the fine.
Account part:

If to buy a picture in gallery the tax pays gallery and the investor doesn’t pay anything except working costs. If the object is acquired not in the gallery the seller (instead of the buyer) should pay 15 % of the received income. If work is exposed on sale in gallery or on auction, in case of a finding of the buyer it will be necessary to pay also collection – from 10 % of cost of the sold work.

Art dictionary:

Gallery is the enterprise which will organize exhibitions-sales of works of art.

Auction is the public auctions on which the buyer is the one who will offer peak price.

Sotheby?s is one of the largest in the world auction of works of art. It divides with auction house Christie?s almost 90 % of the world market of antiques. It holds the auctions also through the Internet.

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