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Money Making: Art Investment Part 1

Whether investments into art can bring up to 300 % of annual income?

For a long time it is noticed that investments in art subjects become especially popular in investors during recession periods on financial markets when other tools cease bring high yield. It has been found out how many art investments bring money and what risks it brings to the beginning investors.

Investments into art subjects can bring from 20 % to 300 % a year. It depends on many factors. The price can sharply grow, if the artist, for example, has died (as it is known, works of the dead masters are appreciated above than still the working artist). Excite cost exhibition activity of the investor, and interest to the author of representatives of mass-media can also. Often happens that the price for this or that master grows after purchasing of its works by an eminent museum of the world.

However not all is so simple, differently every art house would be full of masterpieces. That the put up money has brought in so impressive income, it is necessary not to make the wrong choice, first, object of investments. And secondly, to buy only that on 100 % will be possible to sell to galleries, to collectors or to expose at auction.

Let’s wait for a miracle
And still the art investor should be ready to expectation. As a rule, return from investments into art subjects becomes appreciable only through 3 – 5 years. Here the scent of the collector – correctly chosen time of sale as important, as well as for the player of stock market is important also.

In a present situation profitableness from investments into art is better to expect not in a time piece of year, but at least within three-five years. In this market zero profitableness in the first year and 100 % in the second year of investment is quite normal phenomenon. Besides, it is difficult to receive stably high yield of investments on the same work of art.

Probably, for this reason many experts recommend to beginners-investors to diversify risks, having put up money at once in some pleasant subjects of art. If something from them goes down in price – the rise in prices for others can block losses.

However the prices for works of modern artists sometimes are really high to buy. Cost of pictures in many galleries begins from $1000 – 1800, and after all it is desirable to at least five works and works of different artists! That is, to generate correct “portfolio”, it is required not less than $5 – 10 thousand of dollars. And it is actually a really important factor which each investor in art should know.

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