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Money Making And Business Development: Success Keys

Now let’s discuss the major principles on which our future capital will be constructed:


Compound interest;

The sum of investments.

These fundamental bases of success in the field of investment allow any person to become rich. I will repeat ? to any person! The only stipulation is that you should acquire accurately these simple, but extremely effective rules and firmly follow them. Adhering to these rules, you necessarily will reach financial freedom. Why? Yes it is simple because this way there have passed already financially-free people very many nowadays. Repeat their way, and you will achieve the same success.


Time is your friend. Allocate for yourself all that time which only you will manage. Start to invest, when to you it will be performed twenty, and let even at first it there will be only small sums, never stop. Regular investments should become your habit. During severe times they will allow you to keep rate, and the compound interest will help you and will make the wonderful work.

John Bogl

When we trade on stock market, it is impossible to forget that investment on short time intervals is rather risky event. In a long-term history of the world market of securities there will be many examples of long falling when during long time it was necessary to dream of growth only. Therefore it is far not the fact that, having entered for short term on stock market; we won’t get to one of such periods. Therefore, I don’t recommend to you to consider stock market as the tool for capital investments for term less than 5 years.

What to do?

It is necessary to remember that time is our faithful ally who always will help to lower essentially risks at equity investing. Addressing all to the same history, it is possible to tell that for all time of existence of stock markets practically there are no examples of that falling lasted more than 5 years. It is impossible to fall eternally, it is obligatory behind correction growth will follow, and the recession was stronger, the revival ? elevating both to the heights reached earlier, and to new tops will be more powerful also. Night will necessarily pass in a dawn and new day, outflow will be replaced by inflow, the long winter all the same will yield the rights to spring, and falling of shares will pass in growth. It is impossible to stop development. It is the natural law of life from which not to leave. And what for? It will better be arranged under them, and to live in harmony with them.

Let’s present that we are ready to invest 100 dollars monthly within 20 years, being guided by average yield of 20 % annual. As a result we will generate the capital of 300 thousand dollars. But, let us assume, we don’t presume to invest 100 dollars, 30 dollars a month are accessible to us only. It would seem, term of creation of the same capital should increase also in 3 times that is till 60 years. But far from it, actually it is required for us of all for 6 years more. The magic effect of time which is capable to make any person rich also consists in it. Remember magic effect of time which in investments always works on us.

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