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Money Making: 10 % Which Will Make You Rich

You can find in set of books how to become rich. However, frequently these councils concern first of all to necessity to change the outlook. And it is really important.

There is, however, primordially question ? ?What to do??. You have changed the outlook, you trust in success, you are engaged in visualization, and now nothing is capable to stop you on a way fortunately ? what further?

More recently I have read the book of Bode Shafer ?the Way to financial independence? ? now I know what to do further.

If it is interesting continue to read and you too learn the answer.

Avenue to wealth.

Let’s begin with the following statement: ?Everyone wants to become happy, and for this purpose the person has two ways: the first way is to limit the requirements, the second is to increase the possibilities. The wise person does both that and another simultaneously?.

So, all subsequent strategy of finding of riches is based on this statement. The exception of a picture of any of links leads to destruction of entire picture in the whole.

Many on an avenue to wealth use strategy under the name ?to earn as much as possible money? ? however, it inevitably leads to that simultaneously with growth of incomes the person increases consumption volume.

Now you don’t accept any more a former consumption level. You choose more expensive clothes, more expensive restaurants, more expensive entertainments and travel. Eventually, your problems remain (only now they leave on new level).

We take for consideration my personal example: My incomes for 5 years have increased approximately in 5 times (the rise in prices, etc. parameters also has served its purpose). Whether I became richer? By no means.

Though I can name myself to some extent a unique person. In my family it was not accepted to spend all means, therefore I nevertheless managed to postpone a certain amount. It allows me not to overpay uniform percent for the credit ? and this already in itself costs much.

Nevertheless, as a whole the situation from it considerably doesn’t change. My expenses have considerably grown: I began to visit more often cinemas, to buy to myself more expensive footwear, my costs for the Internet have grown, I have replaced a cellular telephone etc., etc. All of you know how it happens.

Conclusions? Very simple ? increase in the income doesn’t lead to riches.

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