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Modelling Of Modern Department Of Sales

It is possible to notice that for today the accent in positioning of the advantages of the firms realising production was displaced towards improvement of quality of service and personification of sales. The personal relation to (the business) is appreciated by the customer. The essence of the personalised approach consists in orientation of rendered services or the made goods to improvement of quality of a life (business functioning) the client. For firm begins enough uneasy problem to realise such approach to a considerable quantity of existing or potential clients.

As a matter of fact is an attempt to revive old traditions at which the seller knew all buyers personally, often had with them friendly relations and always accurately understood requirements of each of them. For what clients were ready to forgive any small lacks including a little higher prices.

Now the attentive relation to the client becomes not less actual but gets more technological character.

Nevertheless, to build such technology in the organisation is enough serious problem. It is necessary to consider and that the management regularly should solve variety of other problems, such as tracing of quality of work of employees with potential clients; an estimation of intensity of work of managers on sales, search and selection of professional sellers, conflicts in department of sales, definition of the objective reasons of leaving of constant clients etc.

The listed problems (as internal factors), and also influence of external factors dictate higher requirements to the organisation of functioning of modern department of sales.

For today it is possible to allocate the basic components of effective department of sales:

* structural division, with the designated zones of responsibility between the personnel, led by the head (coordinator);
* qualified personnel;
* effective system of motivation;
* the accurate organisation of process of work with clients;
* the regular control of all process of sales;
* presence of tools of the analysis of the factors influencing sales volumes and estimations of efficiency of marketing;
* the automated workplaces (CRM-system)

Many companies carry out attempts to raise level of functioning of division of sales. Unfortunately, these attempts frequent appear separated ? carry out only training or put only CRM ? system (which in activity is more likely torn away by employees, is rather than perceived as the help), i.e. there is a fragmentary decision of a problem, seldom there is a system and consecutive approach. The given dissociation of efforts does not lead to achievement of expected results and increases costs, or conducts to full innovations, and consequently ? besides to expenses.

It is necessary to analyze following aspects of system.
Managements: planning, the organisation, stimulation.
As a result of regular analysis the head of department, together with the management of the company should warn the possible organizational dysfunctions leading to decrease of competitiveness of quality of service of the company.

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