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Methods To Stay On In A Time Of Market Troubles Part 2

Switch off the news channel

The investment success always depends on that how much good you an overall picture, without distracting on various noises in the market. Daily financial news practically always creates this noise. It is their work – to consider any splashes in value of indexes and to betray it great value in spite of the fact that the weight of researches shows that day movement of shares casually or, at the best, is differently direted.

Thus, switch off the TV. I try to avoid fascinating news about day fluctuations of index DOW – tells David Hirshlafer, the professor of the Californian University in Irvine. Falling is strong reaction to any bad news, but thus news during time is already reflected in low prices.

Before to make important investment decisions, be convinced that you were influenced by spontaneous feelings which have appeared reaction to news noise.

Read good books

Some acquisitions are perspective on a bear market. After all, they always come to an end; though now look as a financial trouble. In view of that there are some good books.

Begin with the book “Your Money and Your Brain” Jayson Zweig – before he was the author ?Money Magazine?. In it is told how not to turn away and to ruin the dreams.

The following book is “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” which author is the founder

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