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Making Money With The Gold Investment

“Metal” papers and accounts

One of the most productive tools of investment is the securities provided with gold. Trade in them allows avoiding commission fee for purchasing of physical gold which can reach 7 %, and not resort to risky operations with futures. Purchase and sell securities individual investors can through the usual broker companies.
One more plus of such investment is that to open the account it is possible through a company site. Trade in such papers performs by a number of the largest gold mining companies.

Each security warrants gives to the holder possibility acquire one tenth of ounces of a precious metal. The gold providing securities in HSBC bank warehouses in London. Other method to earn on a rise in prices for metals is share purchase of the gold mining and mining companies. Shares of the large companies ? American Newmont Mining, Canadian Barrick Gold, Brittan-Australian BHP Billiton, etc., are traded in New York. Here it is possible to include and shares of the Russian company ?Norilsk nickel?.

Shares of the gold mining companies ? paper investments.

The investor risks to lose all means enclosed in them at bankruptcy of the company or sharp decrease in value of its shares. The share shouldn’t consider as the protective assets which is carrying out function of the financial insurance. More likely, it is the speculative tool, capable to bring in the quite good income under condition of a correct risk assessment and potential return. The potential of growth of a stock value is determined by not so much price movement on gold, but on such factor as how many financial indicators issuing company.

On the other hand, investors have possibility to receive not only income in the form of capital gain (as a result of market price growth), but also profit in the form of dividends. However, when gold prices strongly grow, the companies usually start to develop low-yield save and to modernize the equipment that they didn’t presume in low prices on metal. It reduces their profits and, accordingly, contains growth of shares.

One more method is opening of “metal” accounts which are subdivided into accounts of safe custody and depersonalized. Concrete ingots (or coins) are in the first case at bank-keeper, and the investor pays their storage. Joint accounts which also name the depersonalized accounts of storage concern deposits on which precious metals without instructions of their concrete characteristics are placed. Each buyer becomes the owner of some share in a general pool of precious metals, stored in bank and can easily and quickly sell it without any additional commissions. It has also the right to receive gold on hands in the form of any ingots or coins after payment of the small award and expenses on delivery.

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