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Major Factors Which Influence The Sales

In total there are five major factors which most aloud influence sales: the price, distribution (degree of distribution of production in the market), seasonal prevalence of demand (season influence and also days off and holidays), competitive activity and actually advertising support.

The price. For some categories the price can be the defining factor. Basically are the products which properties are clear to consumers. I.e. if meat or milk of some manufacturer obviously is cheaper than at competitors it is possible to assume with the big confidence that production of this manufacturer will use the greatest demand. For the simple daily goods it is a reality. For “the status” goods, i.e. such, the possession with which can in itself satisfy aesthetic requirements of the proprietor, show its accessory to elite estates or groups of a society cost can have opposite effect. Than more expensively a thing – that it is more wished.

Distribution. This term often consider as an availability synonym or possibility to get. This factor, as a rule, linearly increases sales. I.e. if there is a demand it is enough for purchase only goods presence in shops. As well as in a case with the price situations, for example the automobile market where some series are issued in the limited quantity that gives rise to additional demand are possible, – when distribution restrictions stimulates sales. But in any case goods presence is a necessary condition for sale formation.

Seasonal prevalence. It is one more linear factor. So, actually for each goods there are seasonal peaks of demand. We buy ice-cream buy in the summer and skis in the winter. Seasonal prevalence of purchases for some commodity category is constant factor for many years, and all other actions for sale stimulation always will give effects anyhow proportional to seasonal demand.

Competitive activity. There is in view of both advertising, and any other marketing activity of competitors. At equivalent commodity offers and demand accordingly is equivalent. Actually allocation of competitive advantages of each concrete goods also is a priority of advertising and marketing communications. Among all factors – this is the most subjective, i.e. its importance and tendencies in relation to sales are unique for each commodity category and in each specific case. The saturation stimulates with competitors activity of everyone and accordingly reduces chances of success from the point of view the new player of the market.

Advertising support. Here we will dwell. Advertising as means of the report of the information on a brand to the consumer can strengthen influence of all other factors. So any changes of a price policy will work only when potential buyers are informed on these changes; a phrase in a preview trailer “search in the nearest supermarket” will allow consumers to learn about goods presence on sale; any seasonal actions and discounts will work as much as possible effectively only if the consumer knows about those as much as possible full and a trustworthy information; well and except other – advertising often is the defining factor at differentiation of production of some brand in the competitive environment.

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