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Is Your Local Business THE Expert At What You Do

Unless you are in a very unique niche you probably have competition. You may even be selling the exact products or brands as some of your competitors. So how do you overcome that?

1. Price is going to be one of the first things most small business owners think about. Let me just say that your price needs to be in line with your competitors, but it is not the determining factor for the majority of your potential customers.

2. Value is something customers look at. Are you offering more than the competition? You can increase the value of what you offer by including bonuses, service after the sale, and so on. Take a look around at what the competition is doing and see what you can offer that differentiates you from them.

3. You are THE local business expert! Do they know that? People will pay a little more if they feel more comfortable with you than your competitors.

How do you go about establishing yourself as the expert in your local market?

1. Focus on the needs of your prospect first. Don’t guess, just ask them. People have problems they need solved and your job as the expert is to find out what those are.

2. Determine the best solution to the problems you have uncovered. As the expert you know exactly what is needed.

3. Offer your solutions with confidence. Let your customer know that you have analyzed their needs and this is what must be done.

4. Your employees must be the experts too! Many small business owners really are experts at what they do, but the people they hire are not.

You should be training your employees to have the knowledge that you do. What they lack in knowledge they should make up for by listening to the problems of your customer and then projecting confidence your company is the one to handle them.

I also want to stress the importance of the receptionist in most small businesses. They must be professional and helpful at all times. This is usually the first impression a customer has of your company and that can go a long way towards projecting it as the expert.

5. Ask for referrals and follow up while your existing customer is still enthusiastic about your company. As you expand your customer base viral marketing will kick in helping you become even more of an expert in your local market. This is important and many companies do a poor job of cultivating quality referrals.

These are several steps you can take to establish your company as THE local business expert for the market you are in. Focus on becoming the expert you are and projecting that to your prospects and customers.

Jeff Schuman helps people make money online and small business owners with local business marketing to help their company use the internet to grow in their local market.

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