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Internet Fax Software – Four Ways Internet Fax Software Services Will Reduce Operating Expenses In Your Office

Facsimile machines still exist in nearly all businesses and home offices today. But, for some time now, companies has offered “Fax Through Email” Services, which provide the capability of sending and receiving faxes through your email. It is surprising how many offices still use and maintain legacy fax devices.

When you compare the operating expenses of traditional fax against an Internet / Email fax service, you will be amazed at how much money your business and home office can save. Let us discuss and compare four fax-related expenses, and make some conservative assumptions to see how faxing through email is considerably more cost efficient compared to a fax machine.

Equipment – If you do not have a fax machine or you need a new one, you will incur a one-time purchase expense (ranging from $50.00 – $200.00 USD). With an Internet or Email Fax Service, there are no initial equipment expenses or setup fees.

Phone Service – Assuming you require a dedicated phone line connected to your fax, let us assume an annual recurring phone bill of $360. This is the largest ongoing expense for a legacy facsimile device. With an Internet or email fax service, there is no additional cost for phone service. (Tip: Most providers even offer dedicated “800″ phone numbers as part of their base plans.)

Operating Supplies – Primary operating costs associated with traditional faxing is paper and ink (or toner). With a fax machine, pages are printed immediately as faxes are received. An advantage to “Fax Through Email” services is viewing faxes without needing to print them.

You will most likely need to print some of your faxes, depending on your business or office needs, so the cost of supplies is not completely eliminated with Fax Through Internet. However, it is fair to assume a large percentage of received faxes do not need to be printed on hard-copy paper, so “Fax Through Email” services still greatly lower overall operating costs.

Maintenance – This fourth expense is the maintenance costs associated with your facsimile equipment (e.g. replacement, damages and repairs). You can avoid unexpected maintenance expenses with Fax Through Internet services.

Based on some conservative assumptions we made on recurring expenses (not even considering equipment purchase or maintenance costs), a traditional fax machine will cost an estimate of $388 annually, compared to an Internet email fax service at around $100 annually.

In addition to lowering expenses and saving money, the benefits and features of today’s “Internet Fax Software” Services are very impressive, and can quickly increase productivity and efficiency in your small business and home office. Internet Fax Software services can actually enhance your professional presence and make a better impression to your customers and others. Click here to learn more about Email Fax Service.

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