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Ideas Of Business Launching Or How To Get Money To Start Your Own Business?

To uneducated seller of ice-cream Rey Kroc came the idea of creation of restaurants of the fast food which soon has turned to world famous “McDonald’s”. That is characteristic; Kroc had no not only means for realization of the idea, but also formation. However its all-consuming optimism has led to that the network of restaurants of a fast food works now for many years in one hundred countries of the world. Earn billions on the ideas could such representatives of the world of business:

1. Michel Ferrero and his family, known to us as brands Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder chocolate, etc., is one of the large producers of chocolate in Europe. The world popularity and the first 10 billions of dollars were brought to him by idea to make chocolate for breakfast part, selling chocolate oil for toasts or sandwiches.

2. Top-manager Brad Hughes who was working on syndicate Property Research and engaged in operations with real estate had the idea to put along highways automatic left-luggage offices for all comers. Having left the company and having established his own business, Brad has earned on this idea 5,3 billions dollars.

3. How you will like the idea to take a usual shirt-polo and to paste on it a simple label with the image of a horse? “New” cloth has been estimated in 50 dollars and “has scattered” as hot pies in a winter icy cold. Simple clerk Ralf Lauren, after this started the popular idea about Polo cloth, and it has enriched him on 5 billion dollars. However, on an embodiment of idea he has borrowed 50 thousand dollars, but as you see, he did not remain in debt.
4. The son of the seller Thaw Worner, quit the college and has decided to earn on release of nice teddy bears with amusing names. As a result he earned 4,5 billion dollars.

5. Jeff Bizos?s first office took places in garage of the city of Seattle. What business he based there? The world’s largest virtual little shop and has begun the business with idea to sell books through the Internet. Also has succeeded: the idea has brought to him 4,4 billions dollars.

6. Co-owners of brand Red Bull of Kaleo Yuvivih and Dietrich Mateshits have realized the idea of creation of a power drink sated with vitamin B for conducting an active way of life and habitu

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