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How To Write The Business Plan?

How to write the business plan it is possible to tell much and in detail, but nevertheless there are only three basic variants:

1. To order to write the business plan to professional advisers;

2. To set the task for the personnel to write the business plan;

Combinations of two variants are possible also. We will consider more in detail the basic advantages and lacks of them:

Ordering the writing of the business plan to professional advisers:

* Such variant is rather more expensive in comparison with others.

* the Involved advisers for business planning almost for certain don’t own knowledge of technologies and specificity of production processes of your or designed enterprise. It automatically means that time for them is required for understanding this question and most likely, attraction of technical experts from the party and consultation of technical employees and other workers of the enterprise for this purpose are also required to advisers.

* there will be a problem of trust of the customer to quality of work and vocational training of involved advisers. Workers of the enterprise will feel “under suspicion”. At the slightest possibility they begin to charge the invited advisers of incompetence, up to sabotage.

They will do it almost for certain and under the plausible excuse. Employees of the enterprise, incapable to write the business plan on own forces and they will think that can lose the work place because of a lack of vocational training and will try to blacken advisers that to remain in the opinion of a management “at decent level”.


* professional advisers know how to write the business plan, the probability to receive professionally made and competently arranged project of the business plan is high therefore;

* in case the investment project is for already working enterprise, its personnel will distract much less from accomplishment of the current and daily tasks;

* disinterest and impartiality of foreign advisers in results of an estimation of the investment project and possibility look at the project another’s eyes can help to reveal and eliminate lacks and weak places of the project at a design stage.

Setting the task of writing the business by the personnel of own enterprise.


* the personnel of your enterprise can not know how to write the business plan taking into account all necessary requirements and not to have sufficient preparation for development of the competent project of the business plan;

* workers of the enterprise can be filled up by current work and not to have neither time, nor desire, sufficient stimulus to write the business plan;

* the personnel of the working enterprise directly depends on administration and thus can quite have the own interests which are not coinciding with interests of the proprietor that for certain will affect objectivity of an estimation and the most important thing – on conclusions under the investment project.


* it is not required to bear additional costs in comparison with attraction of advisers, if the personnel knows how to write the business plan;
* the personnel of the working enterprise, as a rule, is well familiar with technological both other schemes and features of the enterprise.

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