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How To Obtain Success In Business?

Objective and subjective composed of success:

Business in speculative operations, as well as any another, assumes availability of advantage before the competitors that allows successfully earning. It is conditionally possible to break the factors composing the formula of success, on objective and subjective. Their product according to the author also determines probability of success. It is possible to carry the following objective factors (on force of advantage offered by them before other market makers):

1) the insider information

2) strategy and capital management tactics

3) experience of the trader

To subjective factors, according to the author, it is possible to carry to it intuition and psychological spirit of the trader.

As to psychological success factors in this case the author takes of the extremely right position, considering that the trader with the high psychological potential, using not the most optimum strategy and tactics and also not the most newest developments of the technical and computer analysis, can have more good result before the trader who is guided only by “technics?.

Without pressing in the detailed psychological analysis in which the author isn’t very professional, it is possible to result a citation:

?? Our life is an excursion. But excursion not in a usual historical museum where all exhibits lie behind glass show-windows, but it is possible to look at them only and it is impossible to touch. It is a modern museum, such, as technics museums in West developed countries where each visitor can touch and play practically with any exhibit. Devices standing there show various physical effects ? an echo, an interference, diffraction, magnetism, laser radiation etc. the Visitor can twist any handles and levers, to press buttons and to put in action any exhibit. Thus, having purchased the ticket of admission in such museum, the person has the right to play with any exhibit unlimited time.

Thus, the trader who will concern the work as a game (game in war of the given trader against all the others), and will make the maximum success.

Three stages of speculative business or strategy

As well as all our life, development of any business, and trade in the market in particular, assumes three stages:

? A birth and development;

? Formation and a maturity;

? An old age and death.

Three stages of speculative strategy can be characterized in following sizes.

1. The initial stage is business “promotions” when the equity holder attaches unfairly great value to possibilities of the “ideal” trader which is capable to increase original capital several times that, of course, takes place in the history of trading, but not so frequent, as it would be desirable for owners of original capital.

2. A business maturity stage is when business brings in the stable income. By and large, this most optimum time for reception of desirable profit.

3. A stage of preserving of the acquired or available capital. At the given stage the most important thing is to keep the capital, without having admitted thus a situation of type of Nicolas Lison who has put on a side of bankruptcy the bank ?Barings?.

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