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How To Make Your Investment 100% Profitable?

Investment?s risks: Kinds of qualitative or quantitative investment:

We invest today doing it for the sake of the future. Therefore the investor tries to specify of what will occur in the future. Data on the future can be received using two various methods: by means of the forecast and by means of protection.

Those who stake on a look-ahead method, try to specify the future achievements of the company. Whether expectations of constant growth of its profit will be observed. These conclusions can be based on very in-depth examination of such factors as supply and demand in industry, volume, the price and costs, or to start with enough naive attempts as transferring a growth line in the past, on the future.

If these specialists are convinced that long-term prospects are very favorable they will recommend almost always to acquisition certain shares, without paying too much attention to a price level on which they are on sale. And on the contrary, those investors who rely on protection of investments always give special attention to the analysis of a price level of shares.

Their basic purpose is to be convinced of essential excess of actual value of shares over their market price. This excess is called a safety margin. It is necessary that ?to undertake on? possible in the future “blows” of adverse development of a situation. As a whole, it is not so important to care of long-term favorable prospects how to be assured that the company will continue the business and further.

It is possible to name a look-ahead method as the qualitative approach. It focuses attention of the investor to prospects of business of the company, management of it, and others not measured, though also very important, qualitative factors of business.

It is possible to name a protective method the quantitative or statistical approach. It focuses attention of the investor to measured interrelations between a stock price and company profit, assets, dividends etc.

Thus, the choice of the “best” shares is based on necessity of use by the investor of two opposite approaches.

Now to the look-ahead approach adhere, probably, the majority of specialists on investment. They consider that value of forecasts of business development, quality of management, the human factor have greater weight in comparison with the indicators received during studying of financial statements on activity of the company, its balance sheet and other passionless figures.

The founder of security analysis Benjamin Grem leans against the quantitative approach. However he advised not especially to be engaged in finding-out strong and weaknesses of these methods. It is better to concentrate the attention not so much to a choice of separate shares, but on a diversification of the portfolio of investments.

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