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How To Make A Successful Business Plan For The Investor?

The Business plan is a bible of the growing company. It would serve to show the companies value of workers, advisers, partners, clients and investors. Business plans are means with the help of which the company can be knocked on doors of investors.

The Business plan includes detailed crucial elements demanded for the majority investors:

1. The resume

2. The company analysis

3. Market research

4. The analysis of clients

5. The analysis of competitors

6. A marketing plan

7. The operational plan

8. Management

9. The financial plan

10. Appendices

Such business plan distinguishes the company from thousand other companies and shows to investors that the company soberly sees the matter and is ready to the further development. So let consider some points of the business plan.

The resume

The majority of investors simply loaded by business plans also do no more than the fluent review. Therefore it is the extremely important, that the first page ? the Resume stimulated and motivated the investor to read the entire business plan.

The first page of the Resume should include the following:

* the Short description of business

* the Size of the market and market requirement for business

* In what uniqueness of the company and uniqueness of its service for the given segment of the market

The short description of business

Whether trust or not, after perusal of the first page of the majority of business plans, investors frequently don’t understand business in which the Company works! It is especially actual when the company participates in difficult, technological business. Much for you seems obvious, but not for the investor. It is important to remember that investors won’t invest in that they don’t understand. In the resume you should simplify determinations and give simple and clear understanding of business. Other business plan should contain a business complete description.

The size of the market and market requirement for business

It is very important to show to investors that the company is in the big and growing market and that there are accurate and convincing requirements for a product or service. It is important to give the data about the market and market requirement from authentic (including for the investor) sources.

In what uniqueness of the company and uniqueness of its service for the given segment of the market

When the investor understands business and agrees that there is a necessity for the market in the company and in its products and services, last step says that the company has “competitive advantage” in the market. Examples of advantages it is possible to include the management team, the patented technology, the unique software (developed for the company), long-term contracts with big clients, and also other successes at present.

Investors have various opinions concerning optimum length of the Resume. Some prefer the resume in volume in one page, and others consider that three ? four pages of the resume are more reasonable.

Inclusion of these major elements satisfies requirements of almost all investors. After perusal of these pages, investors can finish reading of the resume or continue business plan reading.

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